Research Environments

Design Solutions for Research Environments

The greatest asset in productive research programs is people. Designing with the understanding that change is constant and resources are always limited, IDCA creates solutions that focus on what it takes to keep our clients' highly skilled teams on the cutting edge of research and development.

We believe human-centered designs can be both attractive and cost-effective, accommodating technical requirements while nurturing individuals and encouraging a collegial and creative environment.

Flexible, Efficient Facilities

IDCA's thought leaders listen to each client in order to fully understand the needs, requirements and processes of their research. Together we explore cost-sensitive options for easily reconfigurable spaces that will enhance efficient work flow. We also evaluate the use of specialized equipment or bench-based laboratory space; these spaces, along with environmental rooms, containment suites, and animal space, will impact the efficiency of the layout, the mechanical design, and the requirements for cleanliness.

Our goal is to find the process and configuration that best suit our client's needs now and in the foreseeable future, and to express the client's unique culture and brand in our design.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are core values of our firm that go back more than 50 years. We understand the desire to push the envelope for sustainable design, and use an approach that transcends the usual checklists. Often we balance sustainable principles with cost effective solutions to manage to a budget. We have worked with many science and technology clients to attain their LEED/SEED objectives

Our in-house sustainability resources, tools, and services include highperformance building models, material evaluation and selection, life cycle cost analysis, computer-based system-wide controls, patented building systems, airflow modeling, and superefficient energy systems.

Emphasis on Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The modern, successful approach to research and development leverages inhouse, cross-departmental work. When researchers from various groups can interact and discuss projects, synergies develop, and new ideas and products are born.

IDCA partners with each client to create an environment that fosters a sense of energy and collaboration. Our methodology requires us to work across our disciplinary boundaries, and we bring that sense of engagement and understanding to the project team.