Mission Critical Facilities

A New Paradigm

Today, successful delivery of high performance data centers is built on a new paradigm. The facilities that support providers of scalable and virtualized resources demand innovation at every level – from the design of the facility itself, to the way in which the project is delivered, and the people who deliver it.

The Basis of Design – A Framework for Success

What are your true requirements? This question is at the heart of our design process. Our approach is vendorneutral – we're not selling pre-packaged "solutions." Instead, we start with a collaborative programming effort, working with you to tightly define your project requirements. The resulting Basis of Design is a roadmap to success – aligning scope and budget, maximizing constructability, and providing a framework for effective change management.

High Performance Design Tools

We validate decisions early in the concept phase utilizing our 3D rapid prototyping process, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, and energy and structural analysis programs. These powerful tools help fine-tune project solutions by test-driving our designs.

3D Rapid Prototyping

This interactive design process allows us to quickly test different functional layouts. As specific information is acquired during programming, we build a working 3D model of each functional area. By evaluating massing and spatial arrangements in real time, we immediately see how different decisions impact flexibility, adjacencies, and overall building form. This tool builds consensus, greatly reduces project risk, and avoid later changes that can impact cost and schedule.

Airflow Modeling

Particularly valuable in data centers, airflow modeling (using Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD) helps evaluate the environmental performance of a facility, apply innovative energy efficiency measures, and implement sustainable design strategies such as natural ventilation.

Sustainable Solutions

At IDCA, we re-thought mission critical green design from the ground up, with ideas like hot and cold aisle separation, innovative use of outside air, and optimal site orientation. By focusing on the specific goals of each customer – and the unique opportunities of each site – we deliver world-class performance, great people spaces, and cost savings over the life of the facility.