Advanced Planning

IDCA's early project planning supports critical decision-making and streamlines the design and construction process. We map the efficient use of a project's resources, whether financial, physical, or cultural. Ever mindful of the inevitable change experienced by organizations, we explore strategic scenarios and establish road maps to maximize site potential, create the desired corporate image, and achieve operational efficiencies.

Our strategic planners formulate site master planning perspectives that meet individual goals and create an overall vision. In fast-changing business sectors, planning may be more dynamic with emphasis on conceptual exploration and rapid updates. In more stable industries, the plan may emphasize phasing with links to capital expenditures over a period of years.

Our planning experience includes development feasibility analysis, site selection, land-use and zoning compliance, site design, prototypical building development, and security planning throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This extensive portfolio of national and international projects provides our clients with access to a vast accumulated body of knowledge, and helps them formulate timely responses to a wide range of development opportunities around the world.