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Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Over the past decade, IDCA has cultivated a strong relationship with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) through the successful completion of a variety of projects. Whether awarded through a competitive process or performed under a term services contract, these projects demonstrate IDCA's support of CMU's need to improve flexibility, functionality, and collaboration in campus facilities.

Wean Hall Physics Lab Renovation
Renovation of multiple lab spaces to accommodate relocation of research staff, BSL-2 requirements, and housing new electron microscopes.

Roberts Hall Equipment Installation Preparation
Modification of an existing lab to allow installation and operation of a Tip-Directed Field-Enhanced Nanofabrication (TFAN) system.

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) Concept
NREC is located in a 100-year-old facility that was previously used for industrial manufacturing. IDCA provided a concept for approximately 3,600 SF of mezzanine office space with open bay lab space below. The offices accommodate an additional 25 people, and feature exterior windows and natural light. The lab space includes electrical, exhaust, and compressed air service in an open bay area with garage doors to the exterior.

Doherty Hall Concept
Conceptual design for renovation of laboratory and support spaces for the Materials Sciences undergraduate program. The renovated area includes approximately 11,000 SF in multiple rooms, mezzanine areas, and a former machine shop area. IDCA was recently awarded the work to execute the design based on the concept.

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Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Data Center
The six-level SEI building was constructed in the mid-1980s. IDCA designed conditioned space for new server racks and installed conduit for cabling to connect to the 4th floor. This enabled SEI to maximize the data storage capabilities within the available space.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Application Assistance
In the summer of 2009, IDCA assisted CMU with the preparation of supporting documentation for an NIST grant application. In a highly collaborative process, the IDCA team and CMU facilities staff completed the rigorous application in just 10 calendar days. IDCA staff from Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington contributed to the effort.

NIST Due Diligence/Master Plan
While waiting for the NIST grant funds to be dispersed in early 2010, CMU engaged IDCA to provide planning and preliminary due diligence services. With a consultant, IDCA developed ambient site noise and vibration and EMF analyses. We identified potential structural impacts, performed a geotechnical survey, and created a lab equipment (tool) list and a summary of preliminary utility requirements. Concurrently, IDCA developed a draft master plan amendment that included a campus plan, traffic studies, massing of the building design, conceptual exterior studies, and site planning and landscaping concepts.

Posner Center Telepresence Room
In mid-2011, IDCA provided construction document services to subdivide and renovate existing storage space in the Posner Center, while preparing the space for the installation of the telepresence video conferencing equipment.

Mellon Institute Projects
Constructed in the 1930s as a "temple of science," the 350,000 SF Mellon Institute is a landmark structure and one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Pittsburgh.

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Femtosecond Laboratory Renovation
This renovation of a 1,710 SF research suite combined an environmentally-sensitive laser lab with an intensive chemistry lab. The design solution involved separating the laser and chemistry labs to allow two radically different airflow schemes to coexist.

Washburn/General Chemistry Lab
Renovation/upgrade of research lab space that was divided between a general chemistry lab and a BSL-2 research lab with support space. The design used existing walls, doors, and tile partitions as much as possible, and preserved many of the original aluminum entry doors.

Mandal Renovation
Renovation of seven rooms to house a dry optical laboratory and a combination wet chemistry and BSL-2 space.

Puthenveedu Laboratory
Renovation of a lab suite used to study mechanisms that mediate and regulate neural signaling receptors. Air handling, plumbing, process chemicals, compressed air and natural gas, and electrical distribution systems were modified or replaced.

Bernhard Laboratory
This renovation replaced laboratory casework and revised the layout to meet research needs and functions. Air handling, plumbing, process chemicals, compressed air and natural gas, and electrical distribution systems were modified or replaced. The main laboratory was designed to maximize daylighting throughout the space.

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