Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

Lynnwood, Washington

Berlex Laboratory's new manufacturing facility produces Leukine, a white blood cell boosting medication for leukemia patients. The client requested a design that evoked a sense of cleanliness and complimented the Pacific Northwest landscape.

Our award-winning design nestles the utility functions into a hillside, minimizing the building's visual impact on an adjacent residential neighborhood. A series of olive-colored concrete walls and tilt-up panels emerge from the hill. Deep grooves lend scale to the large horizontal forms and allude to geologic layers. The walls wrap the first two stories of the building; above them, the reflective aluminum and glass surfaces rise into the sky and open views of the adjacent forest and nearby creek.

Anchored by the lobby, a three-story "spine" continues unobstructed through the complex to the north end where it is designed to extend into future phases. The spine links the three functional blocks: plant utilities, the manufacturing suite, and the administration/laboratory block. While connecting the blocks, the spine orders the circulation of utilities, material, and personnel.

Specialized clean room areas in the manufacturing suite were designed to achieve maximum cleanliness to meet FDA/ISO/EUR requirements. We achieved this by minimizing horizontal surfaces and designing smooth transitions between walls and floors. Windows throughout the manufacturing area allow visual communication from room to room, admit daylight, and provide a means of touring the facility without entering the clean room.

The Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association awarded the facility both the 2007 Excellence in Concrete, Grand Award and the 2007 Excellence in Concrete, Tilt-up Structures Category, Non Industrial Merit.

Bayer Project Summary