Allegheny County Airport Authority
Allegheny County Airport Authority
Allegheny County Airport Authority
Allegheny County Airport Authority

Allegheny County Airport Authority

Pittsburgh International Airport 2010 Development Master Plan
Findlay and Moon Townships, Pennsylvania, USA

Project Statistics

  • 3,818 Acre Site
  • 1,971 acres of Buildable Area (52% buildable)
  • 16.8-30.3 Million SF Development Site Capacity
  • Completion: January 2011 (Duration: July 2010 to January 2011)

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Master Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Cost Estimating

Program Elements

  • Airport Reserve / Airport Related
  • Light Industrial / Warehouse / Distribution
  • Technology / Flex / Research & Development (R&D)
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Commercial that supports primary development needs/uses (above)

IDC Architects recently completed an update of the Allegheny County Airport Authority’s Development Master Plan for the 3,800 acres of land adjacent to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Significant investment and development has occurred in the area over the past five years, such as the Dick’s Sporting Goods World Headquarters and Campus, as well as multiple industrial and warehouse facilities at Clinton Commerce Park.

Allegheny County Airport Authority
Project Summary

This updated Development Master Plan will leverage the continued development interest in the area by creating a flexible land use framework for on-going growth at this important regional transportation center.

The 2010 Development Master Plan was assembled to direct the growth of the Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) property surrounding PIT in western Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The study serves as an update to portions of the 2003 Site Capacity Analysis and 2004 Site Prioritization Analysis reports prepared by IDC Architects for ACAA. This plan accounts for new development on the ACAA’s lands, and also incorporates accurate mapping, data, and property boundary information. The Development Master Plan visualizes and quantifies potential land uses and development capacity of the land surrounding PIT.

Based upon the inclusive, interactive approach taken in 2004, the 2010 Development Master Plan Update project engaged a wide array of stakeholders to provide input and guide the decision-making process that led to this Plan. Regional leaders from the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, Allegheny County Economic Development, the Governors Action Team, the Economy League of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce came together to voice their unique perspectives of the airport area in the context of the region. In terms of strategic land use decisions, the Managers, Planning Directors, Municipal Authorities, and Emergency Services Professionals of Moon and Findlay Townships offered insights that helped align the Development Master Plan with policy, projects, and existing land uses in these neighboring communities. A number of representatives from the ACAA also helped to guide the process, focusing on matters ranging from airfield planning to economic and business development. In all, the Plan reflects the collective ideas of various regional perspectives.

This 2010 Development Master Plan update had the benefit of detailed and accurate mapping information. Since 2004, the ACAA has invested in key pieces of data in its ongoing planning of the area. The ACAA property boundary was surveyed, and accurate extents of the project were established. In addition, a topographic survey was conducted for the entirety of the property. These resources were invaluable in the accurate update of the Development Master Plan.

Allegheny County Airport Authority
Project Summary
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Also, new development sites, primarily within the I-376 ‘ring road’ corridor, have been added to the study area since 2004. Most prominently, three sites have been included at the entrance to PIT and adjacent to the terminal. Development options were also prepared for long-term transformation of the surface parking areas into high-density development opportunities served by structured parking.

After conducting an analysis of slopes, potential wet areas, natural corridors, existing development, and roads, a preliminary buildable development envelope was established for the property. Allowable land uses are defined on a parcel-by-parcel basis, with the input and oversight of Findlay and Moon Township representatives. Nearly every parcel allows for multiple land uses that maintain the character and coordinate the uses of the sub-areas. Parcels can then respond to market conditions, and the Development Master Plan is understood as a practical and flexible framework to guide coordinated, future development opportunities. The capacity of individual development sites was calculated on the update of preliminary buildable areas and land use category definitions.

Allegheny County Airport Authority
Project Summary
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