Sustainable Design Principles

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are core values of our firm that go back more than 50 years. We understand the desire to push the envelope for sustainable design and use an approach that transcends the usual checklists. We have worked with many science and technology clients to attain Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) or LEED equivalent objectives on tight budgets. Sustainable principles can be balanced with cost effective solutions to manage the budget and understand the payback period for these key systems.


Three goals drive IDCA's approach to sustainable design:

  • Reduce carbon footprint by reducing energy use, using more renewable forms of energy and reducing negative impacts of materials and pollution on the environment
  • Reduce water footprint by reducing usage, purifying, and reclaiming water
  • Improve quality of life by creating environments that encourage the improvement of the occupant's physical, mental, and emotional well being

IDCA's in-house resources, tools, and services include a multidisciplinary LEED submissions process and proprietary web-based LEED commissioning tools, eco-charrettes to develop sustainable design strategies, high-performance building models, material evaluation and selection, lifecycle cost analysis, computer-based system-wide controls, patented building systems, airflow modeling, and superefficient energy systems.

From sensitive site planning and building design to integrated mechanical systems and improved manufacturing and research practices, IDCA develops sustainable design opportunities from the total building perspective. We consider the impact of decisions on your specific culture, construction schedule, and lifecycle costs.