Effective design implementation is a cornerstone of IDCA's complete project delivery, taking design vision into the final built form. Our methods were developed on the most technically challenging, schedule-sensitive, and budget-conscious science and technology projects around the world. We start validating decisions early in the design process to ensure that each subsequent step is based on a solid foundation. The following is a selection of protocols we use.

Over-the-Shoulder, Cross-Discipline QA, Constructability Reviews

Ongoing review is integral to our project delivery process. In our team spaces, another set of eyes and ears is always available to discuss issues as they arise among different architecture and engineering disciplines. As standard procedure, senior staff review all work to ensure responsive design solutions. With rigorous constructability reviews, we identify and respond to potential issues prior to bidding/construction.

Advanced Technology

We validate design decisions through digital simulation, leveraging powerful building information modeling software such as 3D rapid modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and energy and structural analysis programs. These powerful tools help fine-tune project solutions by test-driving our designs.

Cost Estimating/Scheduling

From concept development through construction, our in-house cost estimators develop a budgetary framework for decision making. Costs are continuously adjusted during design phases, providing immediate feedback. Project schedulers with extensive international construction experience work back from the occupancy date to construct a total project delivery schedule. This master schedule highlights critical deadlines, identifies long lead items, and defines roles and responsibilities.

Construction Observation

We emphasize staff continuity through construction and start-up phases. With key personnel on the team throughout every project, critical design ideas achieve full expression from conception to occupancy. Our team members' extensive field experience informs our early conceptual design process, ensuring that the best ideas are realized with solid execution.