Lean Project Delivery

IDCA was among the first project delivery firms to embrace Lean project delivery. This approach is a way of thinking, communicating, and working together that focuses the energies of the organization on delivering value to you, both inside and outside of the company.


Lean principles include two fundamental elements:

  • Respect for people: Developing the capabilities of each person, learning continuously, and engaging individual talents and interests to serve the larger objectives—ultimately holding people accountable to the system, following it and improving it
  • Eliminating waste and variation: This requires intense focus on uncovering value as defined by you and delivering the value while eliminating activities that do not add value

We have developed specialized project delivery tools, including Responsibility-based Project Delivery and Lean decision-making, based on Lean principles. They feature:

  • Optimizing the whole, not the pieces
  • Creating a network of commitments
  • Focusing on your Conditions of Satisfaction at each transaction/li>
  • Creating a "learning culture"
  • Applying key production management concepts to project management

These tools allow project teams to reduce waste (particularly wasted effort) and base decisions on relevant information.