Integrating Design and Construction

Design - Build approach

The traditional model for executing a building project is based on checks and balances between the owner team, the design team, and the construction team. This situation tends to create inefficiencies, redundancies, and adversarial relationships between the teams at various stages during the process; and it incentivizes the various team members to optimize for individual interests rather than the interests of the whole project.


As a project delivery firm, IDCA offers not only design, but all services needed to realize a building project, including construction and construction management. When contracted to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services, IDCA delivers the work using an integrated project team including architects, engineers, procurement specialists, construction personnel, and project controls and estimating staff. Project team members and tools communicate easily with each other throughout the project lifecycle; the inefficiencies and redundancies associated with the traditional delivery models are avoided.

The EPC approach typically includes:

  • Continuous execution of design and construction with overlapping phases
  • Some construction-related decisions after the start of the project including constructability review of design
  • Overall project planning and scheduling by the EPC entity prior to mobilization (made possible by a single point of responsibility)

It involves just two prime players—owner and EPC entity—with a single contract between them.