Collaborative Design and Programming

IDCA's clients often have complex, sometimes competing, stakeholder groups that desire active participation in projects. To build consensus among diverse user groups, we listen actively to your desires and concerns, and incorporate them into our design process. The following are critical elements of that process:

For a confidential client's Innovation and Technical Center, the facility is designed to support cultural and workstyle changes and enhance flexibility through a carefully mapped spatial network that integrates collaborative and interactive spaces, at a variety of scales, throughout the complex.

  • Set a clear vision and create a plan to achieve that vision. This means agreeing to desired outcomes and developing clear strategies to achieve them
  • Communicate the plan, promoting transparency of challenges and a collaborative approach to solutions
  • Intervene, organize, monitor, and report; include stakeholders in decision making and continuously concentrate on adding value
  • Foster teamwork by facing critical issues together—openly discussing status, challenges, and failures—and collaborating on joint initiatives

We also incentivize integrated performance through contracting schemes in which fees are linked to the achievement of goals..